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Enhance your Quranic knowledge from the comfort of your own home by enrolling with al quran for kids . We offer a range of options, from beginner to advanced levels, to suit your learning needs.

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recitation courses


The course will start with teaching the kids the Arabic alphabet, including how to pronounce each letter correctly. This is essential for reading the Quran.

memorization courses

Quran Memorization

In this course, children learn how to memorize verses from the Quran, and develop a deeper understanding of their meaning and significance.

tafsir courses

Quran Recitation

This course is designed to help children learn how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation and fluency, and gain a better understanding of the meaning of the verses.


Features Which We Provide

AL Quran For Kids provides a fun and interactive learning experience with a kid-friendly interface, simplified translations, audio recitation, and interactive games, all in a safe and supportive environment.

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AL Quran For Kids Academy is excellent with efficient teachers and quick response from administration. Teacher Sister Fatima is encouraging, and our daughter loves learning from her. Highly recommended.

Home AL Quran For Kids

Sarah Begum

Los Angeles, USA

Alhamdulillah, four months of Quran learning with Professional teachers, prompt resolution of issues. Kids happy and enjoying lessons. May Allah bless and protect them all. Ameen

Home AL Quran For Kids

Zainab Ali

Manchester, UK

If you are looking for an academy where your kids can learn the Quran and Aqeeda as well, is the place for you. They are very professional and the teachers are kind and certified. May ALLAH bless them.

Home AL Quran For Kids


Derby, UK

Outstanding online Quran Academy with patient, knowledgeable teachers. My children are happy in their lessons and with the teachers. Management team is attentive and ensures our satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Home AL Quran For Kids

zain Khan

New York, USA