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AL Quran For Kids is an online platform that offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn about Islam and the Quran. Our team is composed of educators, designers, and developers who are dedicated to creating engaging educational tools for children of all ages and backgrounds.
About Us AL Quran For Kids

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Discovering AL Quran For Kids: Our Mission, Goals, and Why Choose Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with an accessible and enjoyable way to learn about Islam and the Quran. We aim to instill a love for Islam and a desire to seek knowledge among children, by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the Quran and its teachings.


Our Goals

At AL Quran For Kids, our primary goal is to promote a deep appreciation for the Quran and its role in the lives of children. We also aim to foster a love for learning and the pursuit of knowledge by creating content that is both accurate and engaging for children.


Why Us?

AL Quran For Kids offers a unique and effective approach to teaching children about Islam and the Quran. Our platform is designed to be both entertaining and educational, using interactive games, quizzes, and activities to keep children engaged. Additionally, we provide a safe and secure learning environment, with content that is accurate, age-appropriate, and developed by experienced educators and designers.


Happy Clients

Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with Al Quran For Kids.

Amazing Experience

AL Quran for Kids has been an amazing Islamic learning experience for our family. We love how the program incorporates Islamic values into each lesson and how it has helped our children gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Quran.

About Us AL Quran For Kids
Abdul Tuaha

Birmingham, UK


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